Well, this is the first recap' in English. I confess that (I have lived) it's rather hard to write in another language. You can see it!


We haven't written an article for a long time, but many things happened.


What has been done:

- We translated our report in English, and we had to do it quickly. It has been sent to EUCYS.


- We didn't have a lot of time for this project, because we had an exam. The famous Baccalauréat. But it's over, and we are on holiday!


But there are still many things to do: so what is the program?

- On Monday, we will visit the Hitachi company which uses X-rays for quality controls of its products. They will explain us the aim of the using of phenomena like diffraction in industry.

- We must to shoot a video: our stand in EUCYS being too little for our rotating crystal experiment, we will have to show to the jury a video of this experiment, and speaking about it in the same time.

- On Tuesday, our coaches from Paris come in Orléans to help us to get our experiments better. Maybe we have to build another crystal, nevertheless it takes time, and we can't build it before August. If we want to test and exploit it, we have to do it in the end of August or in September, which will be rather hard because we have to go to our different high school… We must speak about it with the teacher and the coaches. Besides, if we build a crystal, it has to be a crystal with a different lattice (hexagonal?), and it has to be in plastic, but we have to buy some transparent plastic! We don't have yet the raw materials…

The coaches will help us for the English language, for the translation of our poster, and our oral, etc.

- On Wednesday, we do an train period in the INSP. During one week and a half, we observe how scientists work. They use a scanning tunneling microscope, which looks like our balls experiment, at a very different scale! We will observe and write a report in English. We asked the scientists to speak in English, to train ourselves to the scientific English.


Guys, holidays are over!