Hello everybody!

Today, we publish our final training report at INSP.


 Training report at INSP.pdf


We want to thank the INSP members for the warm welcome: the INSP director B. Perrin, our training supervisor S. Pons, and the team of tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy for its explanations: D. Roditchev, C. Brun, C. Carbillet, V. Cerchez, T. Cren, F. Debontridder, K. Khazen, Y. Noat, L. Serrier-Garcia: http://www.insp.jussieu.fr/-Equipe,52-.html

We also thank the headmaster of the Lycée Pothier, B. Plasse, for his helping and his support, and MC. Baurrier, for her encouragements.


And I take this opportunity to publish our final report for EUCYS:

  eucys report.pdf

Now, we're working on the three posters for the EUCYS contest.

Then we will take some holidays, so the activity of the blog will decrease.


So, have good holidays.